The Organization

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Main objective

To propose and execute plans, programs and projects, and build synergies and strong alliances between societal and institutional actors in order to strengthen local capacities and to contribute to public policies.


Our principles

  • Culture of dialoguewe promote dialogue to find solutions through consensus.  
  • Inclusionwe respect the diversity of opinions and visions without distinguishing between the different actors.  
  • Respectwe do not impose preconceived models, but promote social learning and build collective responses to challenges.  
  • Democracywe promote active and open participation both internally and in the relationship with the actors with whom we work.  Image title
  • Equalitywe promote and support the equal rights to the access of opportunities, the value in differences and encourage equal treatment to overcome the challenge of inequality.
  • Transparencywe promote, facilitate and implement clear and reliable regulations for the access to information, social control, participation and financial statements within the institution, to the actors and among actors.  
  • Effective and efficient managementwe ensure the proper and optimal use of resources to achieve results with quality and punctuality.  
  • Reliablewe promote a culture of compliance with agreements, and establish serious long-term relationship with actors with whom there is a mutual trust.  
  • Innovativewe develop and take original solutions that are adaptable to the reality, the possibilities and the local means.